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Towards Total Engagement – a conference for Head Teachers

Local, regional, and national organisations see us both as the holders of local intelligence about enterprise education and experts on how best to use it. We also work with Local Authorities and are being asked to advise on the young people’s elements of their plans and strategies.

DfE – Evaluation of Enterprise Education in England

This evaluation was commissioned in order to better the understanding of the range and effectiveness of activities provided within schools, particularly at Key Stage 4, and included: a review of the international literature (with a focus on Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand); consultation with stakeholders; a survey of 408 enterprise co-ordinators within schools; and case-study visits to 30 schools involving interviews with Senior Management Teams (SMT), teachers and pupils. Working in partnership with Dubit, the ‘Evaluation of Enterprise Education in England’ was published in August 2010 by the Department for Education.

Raising Attainment and Aspirations Projects

Working with partners and RM Data Solutions, Youth Enterprise Services has provided consultancy support for the ‘Raising Attainment and Aspirations’ project. This project utilised Families of Schools/Settings data to develop an online portal which leverages both qualitative and quantitative evidence to support school improvement plans. YES provided the expertise in identifying and developing case studies which demonstrate how teaching interventions have continued to raise attainment and aspirations from foundation stage to sixth forms.

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